collectorofeyes asked:

hi hilary! so i know this isn't a drugstore product, but i was wondering if you've ever used the tarte amazonian clay foundation before. it's pretty thick and full coverage and i was wondering what kind of brush i should use to apply it? thanks, i really love your blog!

drugstoreprincess answered:

Hey there!  Whenever people use my actual name on here I always get excited haha.

This is NOT just a drugstore blog… the slogan for DrugstorePrincess is “Beauty Advice for Every Budget”, so never feel afraid to ask questions about your higher-end products as well!  Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundations is actually one of my favorites.  I love that it gives really full coverage without looking or feeling too thick on my skin!  


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation - $38

Because this is a thicker foundation, I like to use a brush that’s a bit more dense.  With a full coverage product like this it’s important to really buff it into the skin in order to make it look natural.  Here are a few brushes I like for that task.


ELF Studio Powder Brush - $3

This is a dense, affordable, flat-topped brush that I use for just about everything.



Sephora Professional Airbrush Foundation Brush #56 - $32

This is a great brush.  It’s a cross between a rounded buffing brush and a traditional flat foundation brush.



Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush - $21

This is a really high quality dense brush that buffs foundation flawlessly into the skin.



Real Techniques “Buffing Brush” from the Core Collection - $18

$18 for a full set of good quality face brushes is a steal.  The buffing brush from this kit has a cult following and it’s a really nice round brush for applying complexion products.


Hope these recommendations work for you!  :)  Thank you so much for following!


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Rose Pink Lipsticks: Fuchsias with a Red Undertone

Blue-based fuchsias can be a bit scary because they stand out so much against the skin, but a more grown-up way to approach deep, vibrant pink lips is to go with the red-based fuchsias.

Here are 8 that will brighten your face - AND your teeth!

  1. The Body Shop lipstick 201: This fuchsia is the bluest of the bunch I’m showcasing today, but it’s still got a distinctive red undertone.
  2. Shu Uemura Matte Supreme M PK 376: Also known as “Gangnum Pink” this looks like a Europe/Asia exclusive. It’s the softest of the lipsticks today, and has a beautiful velvety rose-petal finish.
  3. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet No 37 L’exuberante: This deep rose pink has a velvety finish, and is more muted and not as bright as the other pinks, which makes it the most work-appropriate, aside from the gloss.
  4. YSL Gloss Volupté 206 Fuchsia Oran: this deep red-fuchsia gloss goes on a little more pink than red, but it’s beautiful regardless. Best starter shade if you’re not used to deep pinks.
  5. VDL Expert Lip Cube 101: Right between pink and red, this satiny, richly-pigmented lipstick lasts and looks beautiful.
  6. Sephora Long Lasting Lipstick 12: Even more intense than the VDL, this semi-matte transfer-resistant lipstick is one of the most beautiful shades in the Long Lasting line.
  7. Dior Diorissimo 012 Hollywood: Almost more red than fuchsia, this creamy dense lipstick is one of my favorites. The name says it all. It’s instant glamour in a tube.
  8. Sephora Lipstick R09 Valentine: This creamy rose red is the reddest of the bunch here. Perfect if you find reds a little harsh, or if most of them pull a little orange on you. 


Indigo-Purple-Red smoky eye pictorial

Afraid of red shadows? Try it in a 3-color transition paired with cooler tones like blue and purple. Guarantee it doesn’t look garish or too “tropical” and loud.

Do note that I used mainly loose pigments but you can use regular metallic pressed shadows. There’s no special reason to use pigments; I just had them on hand.

You will just need:

  1. Black creamy shadow (soft kajal sticks, gel liners etc will work well too)
  2. Blue or blue-violet metallic shadow (I used MAC Cornflower pigment)
  3. A deep red metallic shadow or at least a wine/burgundy shade if you can’t find a red (I used a very old jar of discontinued I Nuovi pigment called Garnet; many mineral makeup sellers and online makeup stores sell metallic reds now)
  4. A medium purple metallic that is not darker than the blue or red (I used I Nuovi’s pigment in Ultraviolet)
  5. Black matte shadow


For brushes, I would suggest a synthetic brush for blending out the edges of the black paint. I used a fluffy tapered synthetic buffer from 13rushes.

For laying on the metallic pigments, it’s best to use a flat, firm brush so you can pat/pack the color on, and you don’t get fallout everywhere on your cheeks.

And for applying smoky black around the socket line, you can use a smaller pointy buffer brush like the 13rushes one, or an eyeliner smudger (mine is from Sephora). Don’t use a big fluffy blender because you don’t want the black to go everywhere, or too far up your brow bone.


vackid asked:

Hello, i have acne and use the kat von d tattoo concealer to cover spots, redness, and scarring but i'm in the process of clearing my skin. I want to stop using a heavy makeup, would you suggest the naked skin beauty balm by urban decay?

drugstoreprincess answered:

Hello!  First of all, good for you - it is really difficult to separate yourself from heavy makeup, which can be like a comfort zone.  It is for me, anyway!

As for the Urban Decay Beauty Balm, I wouldn’t really suggest it for your purpose.  Mainly because it covers absolutely nothing and feels almost pointless to me in anything other than a primer.  As a primer it’s wonderful, because it makes your skin feel really silky smooth.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm - $34

Find it online!

If you’re looking for something lighter and better for your skin, I’d recommend the Cover Fx CC Cream or Mineral Powder.  They’re two very different products, and honestly I’d go for the powder, but that might not be appealing to you if you’ve been using liquid products.  Cover Fx is an amazing brand for sensitive or problem skin types and they have a great variety of products.  I like the CC Cream because it’s light and a little goes a very long way, plus there are amazing skincare benefits.  The powder is really lightweight and evens out most discoloration without looking or feeling cakey.



Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Blush and HD Pressed Powder

The HD range is the ultimate no-makeup-makeup range. I love everything from the texture-free high-coverage foundations to the concealers, to the invisible powder and the super-pigmented blushes. 

I was pretty surprised to hear that Make Up For Ever was launching a new HD cream blush (SGD50), since the original line-up of HD blushes were also cream blushes anyway.

But these are quite different from those, even though they still aim to give you a great second-skin texture-free blush that will work great on camera. The main difference is that the current range comes in more skin-friendly “glow from within” nude-based shades that aren’t quite as dramatic and strong as many in the previous range, and are very, very easy to use even for cream blush newbies.

The collection has a whopping 16 shades and are grouped into light, medium and dark categories (including a single “pop” shade, a bright coral that’s usable by everyone), from what I’ve seen at counters, and if you need an indication just look at the numbers. 200s are the light shades that will sit easier or lighter skin tones. The 300s are mediums that will work on many medium to tan skins, and the 400s are stronger shades that have enough richness of pigmentation to look good on darker skins. 

Less surprising was the launch of the HD Powder Compact (SGD59). This was the first invisible silky silica powder I fell in love with when I first started this blog, so it’s within expectations that the massively popular loose powder would be translated into a pressed, portable form for easy touch-ups outside. 

The compact has the same invisible talc-free finish and magically-smooth feel of the original, but I actually find you’re less likely to over-apply when using a pressed version. (Dusting on too much of the loose powder version and not brushing it out properly can cause it to catch the light in cameras, if you haven’t seen the many celeb makeup-disaster images on the red carpets.)

Silica is a slippery-feeling mineral that absorbs many times its own weight in oil, and if you’ve never touched it you HAVE to. Unlike many other “HD powders” that have been launched in its wake, the formula does not contain corn starch (ugh! I don’t want anything that can potentially breed bacteria in my powder), talc, or other fillers. it’s also a great light diffuser to soften fine lines and uneven texture. That’s why it’s often a key ingredients in many “instant line reducer serums and treatments”. 

I much prefer this to pigmented powders for touching up during the day. It’s less messy and the finish is less powdery. Great for those with combination or slightly oily skin who want to set their makeup but don’t want a fully-matte finish to their face,



VDL Expert Color Lip Cubes

Long-wearing, super-dense, fully-opaque. 

VDL’s Expert Color range includes 3 eyeshadow quads and 8 of these incredible “Lip Cubes”.

Unlike the regular range, the Lip Cubes have a satin low-sheen texture and a much higher pigment concentration so they go on strong, and they stay on a long long time. 

The shades are also impressively on-trend. There’s a strong vibrant purple that would do OCC proud, but my personal recommendations are the above 5 out of the 8.

501 Outbloom - deep rich crimson a la MAC Russian Red but a little cooler toned so it actually is more brightening on the skin and teeth

101 Witchflower - LOVE this rich fuchsia. If you missed out on MAC’s matte lipstick Quick Sizzle, this is VERY close, though more pigmented and slightly creamier. 

601 Baby’s Poppies - salmon-ey pink corals are VERY hot in Asia right now, and this is a slightly softer and highly-wearable variation on the color.

102 Shell Berry - Super sweet medium blue pink along the veins of Pink Nouveau by MAC, but slightly deeper.

201 Caramel Sand - What lip range is complete without the quintessential nude? This one has peachy undertones and is warm enough that it won’t look deathly pale. Which is great because when a lipstick is this pigmented, a too-grey, too-cool undertone can make you look corpse-like.